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Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses

GUYS! I made shot glasses out of MARSHMALLOWS! What! So, August is indeed Toasted Marshmallow Month and I decided to add the “toasted” marshmallow into this week’s Happy Hour!

I saw this little trick on Pinterest and knew I had to try it. Also, I learned you can toast marshmallows with an electric stove burner. I mean, WOW! This has opened up so many possibilities now. Using the jumbo Kraft marshmallows, turn the stove burner on high, stick a marshmallow on a fork and gently toast them over the burner. So easy and your house will smell AMAZING!


Carefully slide them off the fork (I used another fork to help with that) and let them cool completely. The centers will sink in making a perfect well for your shot! I made a few extra just in case. This is slightly time consuming, but it was a lot of fun too!


Once cooled, add your favorite liquor. I used Bailey’s Irish Cream because YUM! Also, I recommend pouring your liquor into a shot glass and then into the marshmallows. I got really excited and overflowed 3 of my marshmallow glasses. HA! Also, one had a hole and leaked all over the place. Not bad for 6 toasted though!


The thing about the marshmallows is, you have to be FAST! I would pour one shot and then shoot it before your delicious shot glass starts to fall apart. After your shot, eat your marshmallow! SO GOOD!


Look at that adorable shot! The marshmallows paired perfectly with Bailey’s. If you want an nonalcoholic version, you can try chocolate milk! It’s a fun little treat to serve after dinner or around a bonfire!

As always we ask that you please drink responsibly! For more information, recipes, and coupons sign up for your FREE membership at mymilitarysavings.com.