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Vibing with Trident!

What is your usual morning routine?

Some of you stay at home, and some of you go to work, but can we agree that at least half of us brush our teeth – only to then follow it up with our morning coffee? We are finally in fall so my coffee has some yummy pumpkin spice creamer. I enjoy my cup of coffee before work, or while I’m working…then it hits me….someone says good morning and I respond good morning with HORRIBLE coffee breath! That’s all I can think about! Oh em gee, my coworkers must think I never brush my teeth!

This is exactly why I keep NEW Trident Vibes close by! I have a pack in my purse, my desk and sometimes in my car. I am not a fan of that “in-your-face” mint flavor, so Trident Vibes are perfect for me! These bring the bright, fun and playful world of candy to gum! Seriously, candy for gum, you won’t see me complaining. With a unique experiential format, featuring a crisp shell that gives way to a smooth, effortless chew.

NEW Trident Vibes put you on an epic flavor journey. These yummy pieces transform along the way with pops of surprising flavor beads to support a delightful, long lasting chew!

* Unique, candy-like appearance with unexpected flavors & combinations

* Texture shifts – starts crisp, to smooth, to beads embedded in chew

* Waves of flavors driven by pops of flavor beads throughout

* 40 sugar-free gum pieces per bottle!

With more than a one-month supply in a bottle, gum that taste like candy, you never have to worry about coffee breath again! Grab one flavor, grab all the flavors, just be sure to stock up on the NEW Trident Vibes gum today!