Zion’s New Year

Happy New Year from our family to yours! We had a great New Years Celebration here in San Antonio. Zion actually loves to watch fireworks, so my family came over and we popped fireworks right when midnight hit. Zion stayed awake last year and he was able to stay awake again this year. It was actually really cold here that night, so we all had to bundle up and all you could really see was Zion’s nose and eyes. The pollen here and cold have really taken a toll on Zion’s asthma. We talked about what we want to do this coming year and told Zion this year, in 2018, he will be turning 5. Overall we had a good night.

Zion was ready to go back to school, and then he wasn’t. However, he had been talking about wanting a mohawk for a couple of weeks now. Well, the day before he went back to school he took the plunge. He only lets them use clippers on his neck, so she cut his sides with scissors a little shorter and left the top long. Then she sprayed in some color (it washes out). He wanted red or orange, but they didn’t have those colors, so he picked light blue. It came out great and he loved it!! He was excited to show it off the next day at school, even without the color in it. So now in the morning he let’s us know if he wants to wear his mohawk or not.

I watch Zion stem a great deal, and I have always asked him why he does it. He was never able to tell me and would ignore my question, but recently I asked him and he said “because my mind is just so excited.” I was surprised because he was able to tell me that. His teacher told me that when he does this at school, he’s actually start to notice people look at him and he will stop. Even when we go out to places, the stimming is something that we are used it, but I do notice at times people will stare at him. He can get kind of loud sometimes. These are things that are completely normal to us, but I know as he gets older it may be something that he can picked on for, and that really scares me. Zion has also been having a really difficult time with listening to us. I am partly blaming the age, but at the same time he truly doesn’t understand the emotion that registers on our face when we discipline him. This can be very, very frustrating, and I really am at a lost as to how I supposed to help him understand emotions.

Thank you so much for reading! We truly appreciate all the support. We are thankful for another completed year and are looking forward to a happy and healthy 2018. I know we will have our challenges, but I am confident this will be another year of learning amazing things from our baby boy!