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So a couple of week’s ago I mentioned that Zion’s lack of understanding of emotion has started to become a problem. Well, this problem has really become even more of an issue and it has been very frustrating for not only myself, but for Jeremiah as well. It’s kind of funny because I work with several AU children in my classroom and I have never come across this problem with them. In my classroom I am very structured and a behavior driver, but at home I feel as though I am failing. I try to make him understand that I (or his dad) am upset, but all he does is smile like he thinks I am kidding. I actually thinks this is possibly a anxiety “thing” as to where he laughs or smiles when he gets in trouble because he doesn’t know what else to do. To top it all off, he’s 4.5 yrs old now, and so he’s already at an age where listening skills are declining (lol) and he follows directions when he feels the need too. I know those are common characteristics with this age, but when coupled the fact that emotion doesn’t register with Zion, means we may be in for a frustrating few years. The picture below is actually an old one but I absolutely LOVE it!

On a lighter note, we celebrated my 34th birthday with all of my family! Zion sang happy birthday to me and it made my eyes water a bit. Zion has switched his obsession from dinosaurs and Plants Vs. Zombies, to Pokeman. I think he got into because his buddy down the street is really into it as well. Either way he loves it now, and wants pictures and decor for his room. He likes to sleep on the floor instead of his bed, which is also frustrating considering when we moved into this house we bought him a brand new bed. So he told me if he had Pokeman stuff in his room he would sleep in there. Well we are going to order a couple of things and see how it goes. He has also been doing amazing in school!! He really wants to go to “mommies school” but I told him next school year. He learns so much and everyday he comes home telling me all kinds of stuff. It makes my heart happy to see how well he’s doing not only academically but socially.

On another positive note, Zion has been getting along and playing with his sister so much more then he used it! He wrestles with her, yes wrestles, but is very gentle with her. They watch T.V. shows together and she really looks up to him. When they play outside and even in the house, she wants to do everything that he does. Their bond is getting stronger little by little and it makes my heart very happy.

Thank you so much for reading! Zion and I truly appreciate all the support. He asks me every blog to read everything to him and even helps me pick out the pictures to post. He asked me the other day why I write this blog. I told him that people like to know about the things he does and how “cool” he is. So from my family to yours, THANK YOU so much for supporting us. See you in a couple of weeks.