A HUGE change

So March was going like any other month. Zion was in school, excited for spring break. We were making plans for day trips among other things. And then, BAM, life just slowly shut down. And by slowly, I mean from one week to the next we were able to move freely, to being stuck in […]

A New Diagnosis?

Ok so I have been doing a lot of thinking and it may be time to take Zion back to a developmental pediatrician again. Yes, he still has Autism, he always will. However, I think he may be ADHD as well. For those of you that don’t know, that is Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. There are […]

Well, I will start off with the exciting news..Zion lost his first tooth!! Zion’s teeth came in pretty late as a baby. By the age of 1, he had his 2 bottom teeth and that was it. About 2 months later he had 8 teeth coming in at one time and surprisingly never showed any […]

School Worries and Regression

A lot has happened in the span of a month and most of it has caused more stress than anything else. So, where to start?? Zion had been complaining of his “stomach hurting” almost daily in between Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks (we were in school for 3 weeks). I told Jeremiah that the last time […]

Anxiety and Fear

The past couple of weeks for Zion have been mixed. We have had great days, and we have had days filled with anxiety. They had the spelling bee at school, and I asked Zion if he wanted to participate. He immediately said no and started to cry. His teacher asked him at school, and he […]