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Big Questions and Big First

Well, I will start off with the exciting news..Zion lost his first tooth!! Zion’s teeth came in pretty late as a baby. By the age of 1, he had his 2 bottom teeth and that was it. About 2 months later he had 8 teeth coming in at one time and surprisingly never showed any kind of pain. He lost one of his bottom teeth and the one right next door is loose as well. I was a pretty horrible tooth fairy because I only had $2 in ones and then gave him quarters, LOL!!! However, I am ready for this next one to come out and have had ones on stand-by! I was really starting to wonder when he would lose his first tooth because I knew kiddos in Pre-k that had already lost some teeth. But, as Zion has always done… Zion does things on his time 🙂

Zion had his middle of the year award ceremony and he got some great awards! He has had A Honor Roll all year so far, a Reading and Math leader, Math Club, and a couple of other things. We are so proud of our little guy and his academic achievements. He loves to read, he loves science, and he makes pretty amazing progress everyday! Speaking of academics, for Christmas my sister bought him a subscription to Kiwi Co. So basically you choose a box theme (we picked Atlas) and they send you a box every month (for 3, 6, or 12 months). Each box contains different stories and activities to collect and build. Since we did the Atlas theme, he gets a new box about a different country every month. The most recent box we completed was all about Italy. The culture, food, history, and more. He did some really cool activities and it had a recipe to make Bruschetta. The  next box came in and it is about South Korea. Jeremiah was stationed there so we are excited to get that box started.

Now to think about the big questions topic. What I mean by this is me still thinking about the lingering question…Autism. When (or do I..) talk to Zion about having autism? I truly do not know what to say or even how to approach the topic. Is he too young to understand this concept? Will he feel like he is different or will it make him feel awkward? I just don’t know honestly and so any advice would be appreciated. Having a child with Autism can be difficult. And when they are high functioning, like Zion, the challenge becomes how do explain autism, and when?