When was the last time you had an ooey, gooey, fresh-out-of-the-oven Cinnabon!? If it wasn’t yesterday then it’s been too long. ūüôā Those things are the reason I live! Just kidding. But they ARE the reason I stop by the mall frequently. My husband said once, “I thought you hated shopping?” and my response was, […]

“Dogs: The only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself!” – Josh Billings In our family, our pets¬†are as near and dear to our hearts as our very own children. I mean, they don’t talk back, they ask no questions, they’re always happy to see you, they never seem to be […]

SUMMER ISN’T COMPLETELY OVER YET!!!! This homemade ice cream recipe is delicious and refreshing for all ages! Homemade ice cream may have some extra steps over buying a carton at the super market, BUT you can make it your own! Mix in your favorite ingredients, make special ones for kids and different ones for adults, […]

BACK – TO – SCHOOL is here!!! Summer is going away and we are starting to prep meals more, anticipating busy school/work days, and after school activities and sports. C’mon, I know we all slack a bit during summer, I know I do! Easy drive thru meals, Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, smore’s […]

It’s that time of year again! Parents, rejoice! Or cry. To be honest, I did a little bit of both. I’m talking about Back to School time! I feel like it really snuck up on us this year, but we’re rolling with it. One of the dreaded tasks for most moms, along with getting up […]

I have seen stores already stocking the shelves with Halloween decorations 🎃¬†and pumpkin flavored this and that, can you believe it!? I want to scream NO! every time and stand there and pop anyone’s hand that tries to reach to grab something from the shelf. Don’t take away my summertime 🌞¬†just yet!!! I mean seriously, […]

You shake, I shake, we all shake for ice cream! Ha ha! This week for Nerdy Nibbles we decided to play with our food! We’ve been celebrating Back to School this month, so the boys and I have been doing some experimenting in the kitchen. What’s better than Science? Edible Science!! So much fun! We […]

Save $6.00 at your local Exchange on a 1.75 liter bottle of¬†Finlandia Vodka through August 31, 2017. This delicious¬†grown up lemonade¬†can be made in a snap! Not only¬†does it taste decently scrumptious, but it takes no time at all to prepare it. If you have company drop in on you for an unexpected¬†¬†and spur of […]

Following the theme of Back to School for the month of August, I came across this fantastic recipe with¬†HERSHEYS! Some families give new teachers an incoming gift, some give an apple, some cookies, but I found this delicious recipe that I can not only make a few for new teachers but keep some for myself! […]

The new school year is upon us and lenient summertime routines are being replaced with more strict schedules. Translated: All of a sudden we have a ton more responsibility and waking up earlier to get things done is no fun. There. I said it. The fact remains, however, that breakfast is the most important meal […]