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Preparing for the coming school year

It is that time of year. The time that all teachers begin to look at the coming year and plan out the curriculum. Home schooling is no different, but in some ways can be a little more difficult. Instead of just one age group and grade to plan for, you are planning for each individual child. I started prepping last week, trying to decide what we were going to focus on, and of course, adding the subjects that my boys are wanting to study.

I don’t know if you remember from some of the last blogs that I have done, but I always get my boys to do an extra project on top of what we are already studying. My oldest has decided that he wants to do Ancient Egypt this year. I am all for that, but we are going to have to narrow down that area a little more. My youngest wants to study the Civil War, so we are going to have the same issue. We will have to narrow down. But this can be done simply. Choose one area of study for the fall and a different for the Spring, so same subject two different areas of study.  But the main courses are the ones that stress me out the most. Making sure that I have the right math, science and other core subjects that are the best ones to use can be daunting. I have found that whatever we choose, we can tweak it to what we want, and what will work best for the boys. I have found that what might work for one does not work for the next. So its been a bit of juggling, but pays off in the end.

Now, with the start of the school year, I have to start thinking of the field trips and everything else that we are going to be undertaking as we go through the year. I am hoping to start off with Gettysburg, and then maybe a few more trips to D.C.. But I want to try and get through a few different areas this year. Obviously, visiting Egypt is out of the question (at least for now), but I want to try and visit the museum in New York City that has a very impressive display of Egyptian artifacts and art.

Now to pull all the books and start prepping our reading lists, and binders for the coming year! Let us know how your planning is going for the upcoming year! Do you have anything fun planned??