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A Rough Month But Full of Memories

Well, December brought some great memories, but it was also a really tough month physically for Zion. Winter has always been a struggle since moving to back to San Antonio. The allergies here are horrible. That means way more sickness for my asthmatic son. However, Christmas break was amazing and we got to make new memories with our great friends. We met them in Boston when we were stationed there, and throughout the years we have always stayed close. Rylan was there when Zion was born (they are about 10 months apart) and have been besties since then.  Zion is not a super social child, and playing with other kids has always been a challenge. However, when it comes to Rylan, Zion has no problems and the moment they see each they just start playing like they had been playing everyday for the last 5.5 yrs! I love it and seeing his happiness makes me happy.


Right before Christmas break Zion participated in a little Christmas concert at his school. I asked him if he was really singing and he said yes, so I believe him. Before the concert he told me that the songs they were singing were a secret. He surprisingly kept that secret until the concert started. Speaking of school, Zion also started inclusion classes in the 1st grade classroom. He is going to 1st grade for Reading and Math so he is challenged more academically. He brings home homework now, which he isn’t used to, but sits down and does pretty well on it. Everyday we read and his reading ability is amazing. I never thought my 5yr would be such a fluent reader at such as young age. He is so smart and I love that he loves to learn. Oh and Zion got a hair-care finally! You can finally see his face again.


Zion also went to the dentist for the 1st time. He has seen the dentist that comes to the school (2 years in a row) but had never been to an actual dentist office. I know I said in my last blog that it made me feel like a bad mom, but again, with Zion’s sensory issues I feared the meltdown. That is no excuse, I get it, but I didn’t want to see my son breakdown. I was honestly scared. However, we went to the dentist and they told me what I already knew, Zion has cavities. They have to fix them and that will require him to go under IV sedation. I told them I can’t imagine him getting them filled like an adult would, and according to the dentist the laughing gas makes them feel like they are floating…again a feeling Zion would not like. So the only option was sedation. This honestly scares me to death and I just want my baby to be ok. The procedure takes about 1.5 hrs and I guarantee it will be the longest time in my life. Any other mamas/dads have had to go through this? Words of encouragement or anything would be appreciated.

Thank you so much for reading. Zion now likes to proofread parts of the blog because he is now super nosey and likes to read what I write about him. He told me to tell everyone “thank you for reading about me.” His procedure is scheduled for Feb 22. We have had to reschedule once already because he cannot be sick 4 weeks before the procedure. So we are praying everything goes great! Thank you and see you next month!