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Blackberry Whiskey Limeade

Alright, everyone. Spring and summer are on their way, and we are getting excited for sunny days! For today’s Happy Hour, I decided to put my own spin on Lemonade. The recipe for this Blackberry Whiskey Limeade is super simple and INCREDIBLY delicious. This drink made me giddy with all the summertime feels. I highly recommend you try it this weekend.

The first step in the recipe is making a Blackberry simple syrup. Don’t worry, it sounds much fancier than it is. A simple syrup is an equal ratio sugar/water solution that’s simmered on the stove. A lot of drinks call for a simple syrup because the sugar is already dissolved and the syrup blends easily to any cold drink you’re preparing. In this case, I added 1 1/2 cups of fresh blackberries to the pot with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of granulated sugar. Let it simmer until the sugar is dissolved and the syrup has turned a beautiful purple. Let it cool.


Once strained, your blackberry syrup is ready to go! You can use this in any drink OR even top your morning pancakes or waffles with it. It’s SO GOOD!


Now to the Limeade! You’ll need your favorite whiskey. I used the old classic, Jack Daniel’s. The smoothness of Jack goes really well with the sweetness of the blackberry syrup and the tartness of the Simple Limeade. Such an easy recipe!

Blackberry Whiskey Limeade


Add the blackberry syrup and whiskey to your glass full of ice. Top with Limeade. Give it a stir to mix it up and garnish with fruit, if desired.


Not only is this a gorgeous drink, it’s absolutely delicious. It might be my favorite Happy Hour drink so far! Be careful though, they are deceptively potent. 😉 Please drink responsibly! Enjoy a batch of these Limeades at a relaxing afternoon with friends!


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