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Commissaries Are Ready To Handle Increased Holiday Traffic

 It’s about the be “The most wonderful time of the year!” Its also about to be the busiest, too! With the holidays just around the corner, The Commissary has taken measures to ensure their patrons  have the safest shopping experience during the holidays, as well as keeping their employees safe too.

 Here are some of the ways they are implementing a safe shopping during the Holiday season:

“The new CLICK2GO is an easy way to do your grocery shopping on-line! Seven bases are already offering this service with two additional bases going on-line this month and a total of 11 bases expected to be offering this service by the end of the calendar year.

To learn more about CLICK2GO and see if this service is offered at your base click here.

For those patrons who shop in store, these safety features will be implemented:


  • No more “early bird” shopping hours to allow more time for cleaning and re-stocking.
  • Each commissary location, in coordination with their installation leadership, may need to implement purchase limitations on products to ensure that DeCA can meet the increased requirements. The commissary team is working very hard on a daily basis to re-stock shelves as the supplies are delivered.
  • Limiting the use of reusable bags at the register.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed in all checkout lanes as a protective measure.
  • Asking shoppers to consider using bank-issued credit and debit, MILITARY STAR or gift cards instead of cash. Cash-back and check-cashing transactions may be limited during this time.
  • All store employees are being provided with PPE (gloves and face coverings).
  • All customers, or anyone else entering a commissary, are required to wear face coverings while in stores.
  • All I.D. cards checked at the entrance and no visitors allowed to reduce congestion.”

Excerpt from DeCA Covid Campaign 

So don’t let holiday shopping stress you out, the Commissary has your back!



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