DIY – Flowers for the Teacher

August is almost here and that means it’s time to buy school clothes, backpacks and school supplies! I can easily spend HUNDREDS of dollars on everything, even if I find super sweet deals! I am buying for 2 kids and in another couple of years, I will have a third to buy for!

Many of us like to send a little something extra for the teacher, a small gift to just say, thanks! I am on a mission to find something cost effective, because between school supplies and a whole new wardrobe because my kids seriously grow a foot over summer, I can’t afford much extra.

This DIY, cost me LESS THAN $10!!!


what you need:

  • Fake flowers, I let one of my kids pick these out
  • Pens, you can either get one where the back comes out, or not
  • Small vase
  • Rocks or marbles
  • Washi tape

what to do:

  • Trim your flowers down to about 2 inches, and take off the plastic around the wire
  • Now you can do this one of two ways, you can take the backing off the pen, put a little hot glue in and hold the wire part of the flower in place. OR, you can just place the wire on the outside of the pen before wrapping
  • I chose washi tape, I find it holds better than floral tape but you can use either. Wrap your flower!
  • THAT’S IT! Super easy right!?

With so many designs on washi tape, you can get SUPER creative with these! I just placed all the pens in the vase when they were all wrapped, and added the rocks for decorations!

Easy, cheap and super cute!!!