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Painting with Bubbles!

The boys and I are back with another super fun craft! Last week, we painted with squirt guns here! This week we painted with bubbles! It was fun. And messy. HA! It’s been raining all week, as per usual, here in the south so we’ve been stuck indoors just waiting on a chance to try out some paint bubbles. I finally decided to cover the dining room table and try it out in the house! It worked! Although, if you have a chance to do it outside, it’d probably be best. My sink is squeaky bubbly clean though now!

This project is pretty self explanatory and easy (my favorite kind!) Mix some paint with bubble solution and go to town! Okay, it was slightly more involved than that. I read on Pinterest you could use food coloring instead of paint, but the tempera paint I used is washable so we stuck with that. I’d definitely keep some wet wipes around while the painting is happening. Even blowing the bubbles gently on the canvas still pop in your face! The kids loved it!

I used ramekins to hold the bubble solution. Mix a squirt of paint in each one and stir it up. You can always add more solution if you find it’s not “bubbly” enough.


We practiced a little bit on the paper to get a feel for them. The bubbles are messy and drippy, but I think it adds to the painting. Why I let my kids talk me into using black I’ll never know. You’ll see why in the photos below. 😉


Since the paint weighs down the bubble solution, you can’t just blow bubbles and let them float down and pop on the canvas. We had to get pretty close to the surface and gently blow our bubbles.


The boys really got into it. They made such funky designs!


Our almost splatter-proof surface. Ha! It all comes out in the wash though and the memories are worth it!




I turned my back on the 5 year old for a minute and he went crazy with the black bubble paint! Turns out, I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to crafting. He had a blast though I just had to laugh. He LOVES bubbles and the fact that he could paint with them made him really happy. That made me happy!


As you can see, the bubbles pop everywhere! A couple wet wipes later and we were good to go. Of course his painting took FOREVER to dry since there was so much solution on it. Ha ha! He loves it though and it’s now hanging up next to his squirt gun painting in his room.

Such a fun summer craft! I hope you try it out with your kiddos!