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DIY Vintage Halloween Sign

Everyone has a different style, and it has taken me a while to find mine. For the longest time I just could not find one thing that really grabbed me. Since we moved this last time, I have decided that I prefer the farmhouse/vintage style of decorating. We have a mix of outdoors and Americana going on, but we are slowly starting to add the older pieces in.

This year, I wanted to make my own Halloween sign. I looked and looked but could not find anything that I just loved. I did a quick search on pinterest and found several designs that I really liked so I narrowed down to the one that I thought I could pull off decently and got to work. First I had to find the perfect sign, and colors to use, then make sure that I had a work space where my kids could not add fingerprints, and the dog hair from our lab could be kept to a minimum. To say that I am the decorator in the house is misleading. My husband gets that distinction. I am not sure how he got the awesome gene in that sense, but he does a fantastic job. I simply point out things I like, and we work together to make them happen. His ability to stage and bring our house together is the best. Now, I did not ask him about this one – this is all me. I wanted to do this and not have the million comments of “if we do this, or can we try this.”

While I was shopping in our local thrift store, I found a rough wooden sign that screamed at me. It literally jumped out at me and said PUT ME IN YOUR CART! Into the cart it went, and I was pretty happy with my 1.00 find. Now to get the design. As I stated above, I looked on pinterest for DIY inspiration, and then free handed from there. I found one that was perfect, and after the family went to bed, I got down to work.

Here is what you need:

  1. Wooden sign – your choice of size
  2. Paints and Paintbrushes
  3. Water cup to rinse brushes as needed. Paper towel would be good to dry off the brush in between rinsing and dipping back into the paint

My Military Savings


  1. Figure out where you want your design
  2. Trace or free hand your design into the board
  3. Paint!!

My Military Savings (1)

So simple, and so easy! This particular design took me about 2 hours to draw and paint. Now it is laying on my desk drying so I can hang it on the door. I am super excited to hang it up!

Total price: $4.50 – includes paints and sign