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Easy Rum Punch!

Hello everyone! I’m back with another Happy Hour recipe. Did you know September 20th is National Rum Punch day? Well, now you do! If you’re looking for a good recipe to celebrate such a wonderful occasion, I have an easy one! And why wouldn’t you want to celebrate National Rum Punch Day? 😉

This week, my family and I evacuated out of the path of Hurricane Irma (everyone and our house fared well!) so I thought it’d be a great time to test out this simple recipe. Turns out, Rum Punch is a great drink for a hurricane party as well.

Easy Rum Punch


Such a simple recipe that makes such a tasty drink! Add your ingredients to a large pitcher, jar, or punch bowl. This recipe is easily doubled. You can even make it into one drink, simply by changing the amounts. Instead of cups, use ounces and you’ve got a single serving of delicious rum punch!

This recipe is also easily adapted into a nonalcoholic punch! Simply add the juices and grenadine to a pitcher. Instead of rum, add lemon lime soda or ginger ale. It make a deliciously sweet fruity punch, great for the kiddos and designated drivers. 🙂


Fill your glass with ice and the rum punch. Garnish with fresh fruit, if desired. I added an umbrella because that hurricane has dropped A LOT of rain. I hope everyone stayed safe this week. Celebrate what’s left of your sanity with this delicious, fruity Rum Punch! Be careful though, this sweet and tart drink is a sneaky one! You can’t even taste the deliciously smooth Captain Morgan I added. 😉

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