End of Summer Blues

Overall Zion had a pretty great summer! We went to El Paso and New Mexico and then ended our summer with a trip to the beach in Corpus Christi, TX.  I guess that is why he was so upset about having to go back to school. Don’t get me wrong, Zion loves to learn and he actually really likes school. I think however, he really enjoyed his summer and did not want it to end. I mean, can I really blame him? Zion loves the beach, so he was totally ready for this little road trip. He was also extra excited because we got him and his sister fishing poles so they could go fishing. He has never fished before, so he was very eager. The first night he didn’t catch anything, but on the 2nd night he actually caught 2 fish! He was so excited!! And then, after he caught his fish he went inside and was done with it. He had a great time at the beach. This little boy loves the water…just not on top of his head.

Zion had meet the teacher and he actually has the same teacher as he did last year. At his campus, he is part of the Academy of Social Diversity and they hand pick which teachers work with their students. Zion’s kinder teacher was moved to 1st grade and honestly I could not be happier!! She is truly amazing and she knows exactly how to work with Zion. She makes accommodations for him and knows how to push him academically. They started reading buddies with 4th grade and she told me that Zion read everything to the 4th grader (instead of the other way around)! Haha!! This little boy is something else, and his academic abilities are out of this world!

At home he still has meltdowns, he still smirks when I get after him (the uncomfortable one where he isn’t sure what to do), and he still needs reminders on how to dress himself appropriately.  These types of things can be frustrating because I feel like as bright as he is why can he not understand other things? Everyday I am learning new things about Autism, and everyday I have to tell myself not to be overwhelmed. My classroom this year has 6 students with Autism (I have 10 students total).  In each one of those students, some verbal and some not, I can see my Zion. They all share similar mannerisms, even if they are not exactly the same.  My son shares characteristics with kiddos that are not verbal, and I think it is so fascinating. Autism is such a huge spectrum, and like they say, “if you met one person with Autism, you met one person with Autism” and that is 100% true.

Thank you for reading! I am hoping to share some videos of Zion next month. His speech therapy has done amazing things and I have found videos from when he first started speech. I promise you wouldn’t even think it was the same child! Thank you for all the love and support!