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Unanswered Questions

You ever have those moments when your child asks you something, and you truly do not know what to say? Well, this happened to me, and at 3 am to top it off. Here in Texas (and I’m sure in other places) we have safety week drills. So kids do a fire drill, bad weather drills, and lock-down drills. Due to the recent events around the country, our lock-down drills have become a more serious practice piece. Well, Zion woke up at 3 am because of a bad dream. He came to our room, crying, and told me about the drill at school. Then he said, “nobody is in my school, right? Nobody is in the building and is going to come get me, right?”My heart instantly broke. How do I have this conversation with a six-year-old? Granted he is a very smart six yr old, but he is also Autistic, which means everything is black and white. He needs answers and reasons as to why we do things and why things are the way they are. What do I tell him? This is something I have been struggling with and know that as he gets older, he will have more questions.

Speaking of school, Zion has completed the first month of 1st grade! I seriously cannot believe that he is in 1st grade. I speak to his teacher often (she is so amazing), and she keeps me updated on all the things they do to help accommodate Zion. So from what I understand, this is pretty common, as smart as my child is (remember he is GT), he is the most disorganized little boy ever!! They had to make visuals for him as to how his desk should look, inside and the top, and that his folder goes in his backpack. He wasn’t bringing his homework home for a few days because he couldn’t remember to bring his folder home. This turned into consequences at home, so they started using visuals to better help him with these things. Academically he is doing amazing! They are working on social skills with him. They want him to speak to people when he is spoken to. This is something I have tried for years to get him to do. I feel like “am I going to have to say ‘say hi Zion’ to him for the rest of my life?” At some point, it needs to be natural to say hi to people.

Other than that, we are getting ready for Halloween in our house! We love the holidays because we love to decorate. Zion said he wants to dress up as something scary this year, which I was surprised by. And then he said he wants to be a ghost! Lol!! I was thinking something “scary” but nope, just Casper the friendly ghost basically. I am posting a pic from last year because I think they are so stinking cute! Thank you so much for reading! We truly appreciate the support. We are walking in our 3rd annual Autism Walk coming up. This will be the last year, though. I will have more about that in the next blog. Thank you!!