Roadtrips and Rudeness

This blog is a mixture of emotions for myself, and you will understand why.  To start, we had an AMAZING time in El Paso and New Mexico! We first went and visited our friends stationed at Ft. Bliss and oh man…it was HOT!!! I thought San Antonio was hot, but El Paso was a different kind of heat. It was heat that made me feel like my shoes were going to get stuck to the ground, lol!! Either way, we had a really good time visiting with friends and of course Zion got to visit with his BFF Rylan.  It is really amazing how those 2 boys just come together, no matter the time separation. I truly love their bond and I pray that they stay life-long friends. We then headed North and visited my Father-in-law in Albuquerque.  We went to the zoo and aquarium and spent lots of time with Zion’s grandpa! He loved swimming in the hotel pool and wanted to workout in the gym with me.  Something about a hotel that my children absolutely love.. I am not sure what, but they really love going to hotels. We had such a great road trip vacation and Zion did amazing in the car!! Looking forward to our beach trip in a couple of weeks.

So now I get to the redness part.  We celebrated Zion’s birthday July 5th (his actual birthday) with friends and family.  He wanted it at the same place he had it last year.  Everything went great in the bouncy house rooms and everyone had a good time.  Then we went and ate pizza and opened gifts.  Let me say, I understand that with Autism the individual does not realize they are saying “rude” things or may be hurting your feelings.  I totally understand the characteristics… BUT that doesn’t make it any easier when these types of things come out of your child’s mouth in front of EVERYONE!! My immediate family knows and understands that Zion has Autism and that he needs to often be corrected or explained to about things he says.  However, there’s many people out there that DO NOT understand this and may think that your child is just rude.  Zion would open gifts and his comments would be “oh, boring” or “um, that is not cool, I don’t want this” and things of that nature.  My stomach was turning in knots and I had to get in front of him to explain about not saying the things that he was saying.  I honestly wanted to cry, and when I got in the car, after everything was over, I did.  To some, this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But Zion needs so much social skills therapy and it breaks my heart to think about these things for when he gets older.  In the next blog I am going to address his MAJOR anxiety issues that have been occurring.


Thank you so much for reading. I know at times it seems like I freak out about things, but these are issues that I want to address now that he is young so that way he has better coping and social skills as he grows older.  I know my Zion is going to do amazing things as he gets older, but I still worry and I always will.  Thank you for all the support. I really appreciate hearing from other mamas and dads out there!