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Fun in the Sun!

School is officially out for Zion and we now have a 1st grader! Time is flying, and I cannot believe our baby boy is going to 6 years old next month.  He got all the A Honor Roll and did amazing on both his kinder and 1st grade end of the year test.  Recently we went to Sea World (we get free passes) and the kids loved it! Not only that, but Zion wanted to get on a roller coaster.  It wasn’t the scariest one there, but it is kind of intense. I was a little worried as we waited in line, but he seemed really excited. Well, he got on and although he yelled “why did I do this” a few times, HE LOVED IT!! In fact, when we went back last weekend he asked to get on again! Looks like his seeker tendencies have continued.  He has always loved swings, spinning, and movement in general.

Zion had 2 days off (plus the weekend) and then he started Dream Camp.  I know, people are probably thinking let him run free…BUT Dream Camp is optional and Zion reallllyyyyy wanted to go! So if you are wondering what that is, it is a camp that the campus provides for children with Autism.  They engage in all different sensory activities, STEM tasks, and create some pretty cool things.  He went last year as well and he had the best time.  So when I mentioned it this year, he was quick to jump on the yes train.  He gets to ride the bus and I think it gives him a sense of independence.  Each week has a different theme as well.  It is 3 weeks in June and 2 weeks in mid-July.  He is currently finishing up week 2.  He comes home and shows us the different yoga poses they do, he brings home cool things, and tells me about what they did during the day.  I love that he loves going.  This gives him a chance to experience so much and I love it!!

So next week we leave on our little road trip vacation.  First, we are going to El Paso to visit our friends that are stationed at Ft. Bliss.  I have mentioned them before, they came and visited us for Christmas.  But we are going to visit Zion’s closest friend Rylan, because that is where they currently live.  Zion is pretty excited and he ask for a daily update of how many days until we leave.  We are not too excited by the 8 hour drive, but we bought some pretty cool DVD players for the car that go on the headrest.  We have already tested them out and the kids love them! I am hoping that makes the drive a little smoother.  After spending a few days in El Paso we are then driving 3.5hrs north to visit my father-in-law in Albuquerque, NM.

That is all for this month. Next month I want to discuss ASD and adulthood. I know Zion is young, but it has been on my mind due to the fact that I am in school and currently taking a “Autism Across the Lifespan” course.  It has really made me think about the future for my baby boy. Thank you for reading! Thank you for the support.  Autism is not easy, but Zion has showed us a whole new side of life, and I am so grateful.