The End is Near

Well it is the end of May and Zion has “graduated” from Kinder! Ok, I know he didn’t graduate, but he did have his Kinder ceremony and he got so many awards. He got Math Master, Star Reader, an award for Math Club, Academic Scholar, and A Honor Roll!! I am so proud of our little guy. He was excited because he got to pick his treat for all his amazingness. We have always stressed to Zion to do his best in school and as long as he does that, he will be rewarded for his efforts. Zion is bright, very bright, and I want him to understand that can take him far in life. Zion knows he is smart, and he will tell you that he is if you were to ask. I hope that he is always confident in his abilities and will always be proud of the brain that he has.

We have had a busy month! I feel like every weekend we are so busy with things to do. Over Memorial day weekend we drove to Houston, Texas to spend the weekend. Is it just my kids, or do all kids love going to a hotel? My kids get oddly excited about hotels. I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a hotel because I don’t have to make my bed and my room gets cleaned daily, lol! But I don’t get as excited as the kids do. Either way we had a great weekend. We went to the zoo, which was amazing! The kiddos went to a really nice splash pad, checked out lots of places to eat, and overall just had a really good time. At the end of June we are planning to visit friends in El Paso (Ft. Bliss) and then driving to New Mexico to visit my Father-in-law. And then in August we will make our annual beach trip happen. Personally, I am not a beach fan, but the kids love it, including Zion. He doesn’t really like the sand, but he loves the water!!


Zion is attending DREAM camp this summer. Last year it was called Dragon Camp and it focused on a lot of STEM based activities. It is for kiddos with Autism and Zion absolutely loved it last year! This year it is 6 weeks long (I think) and Zion said he wants to go every week. I informed him that one week he would miss since we are going out of town. He got upset, but I think if I keep reminding him then it will be okay. Each week has a different theme and I am really excited to see what they do. Oh, and he is riding the bus again, which after last year I think I will be ok now! I can’t wait to post all about his adventures at DREAM camp!

Thank you for reading!! We are so thankful for the support. Having a community to express to is so therapeutic. I am actually a horrible public speaker, so writing Zion’s blog gives me an outlet. I have read a lot of articles that say having an outlet is a great way to keep a healthy mind frame. We will back next month and hopefully I can get Zion to make a video with me. See you next month!