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Double Celebrations: Month of the Military Child & Autism Awareness Month

As many know April is Autism Awareness Month. Well, April is also the Month of the Military Child. Zion falls into both of these categories so needless to say April is a pretty special month around this house. Granted, we have moved back to San Antonio for good, but our little Zion was born in Boston and lived the first few years of his life as a military child. In my eyes, he will always be considered a military baby. He spent years away from family and he made some great friends that live hundreds of miles away.


April has been a super busy month for us. Between Zion participating in Olympic Fiesta, to the Autism walk, and everything in between, he’s been a busy little bee this month. We have been enjoying the beautiful South Texas spring and taking advantage of being outside before the blazing sun hits.  We had a pretty amazing time at the Autism walk recently. We participated with Zion’s school. He is part of the Academy of Social Diversity inside of his public school and I have to say they have done great things for my boy! They recently did a reevaluation on Zion for Speech and he still qualifies. They are basically going to be working on conversational speech with him. He will be 6 soon, and I still have to tell him “say hi Zion, say bye Zion” to people in general. I am hoping he continues to do well with his speech goals this next school year! Speaking of next school year, as many of you know Zion currently goes to 1st grade for his math and reading.  Well I was told in his ARD that they will be giving him an end of the year assessment (a 1st grade one) to determine if he will go on to 1st grade like his peers or he will just move to 2nd grade. That’s kind of scary, my 6yr old in 2nd grade!! But, he does better with older peers and I think it is because his mind thinks older (if that makes sense).

Zion and his sister had a great Easter.  We celebrated with family, which is a great perk to being home. The day after Easter Zion woke up with a fever. He went to the doctor the next day and we were told it was viral. He had a fever the entire week and was unable to go to school. Seeing your child like that is heartbreaking. Zion is RARELY sick, so I felt helpless seeing him so miserable. Luckily on Friday the fever broke. He has still been sleepier then normal, but he is doing better.


Thank you so much for reading! Zion really wanted to make a video this month but with life being just that…life.. it was really hard to get around to it. I told him next month for sure! We truly appreciate your support and thank you for the double child! Zion is truly a unique kiddo and we love him beyond words. The lessons he has taught us has helped us become stronger parents and a stronger family. Thank you all for what you do for Autism Awareness.