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Marching into Spring

So you know how Facebook always shows you memories from years past? Well, I got a memory from a video I did for this very blog, 3 years ago. I was so shocked at what I saw!! I was pregnant with Amaiah, we had just moved back to Texas, and Zion’s speech was soooo much different! I am posting 2 videos. The one from 3/2019 and the one from 3/2016. You have to hear the difference in Zion’s speech. Speech therapy has obviously done amazing things for our little guy and I am beyond thankful for all the speech therapist that have taken the time to work with Zion. He has grown so much and I am so proud of him.

Speaking of school, we recently opened up a re-evaluation for Zion at school. He actually mastered his articulation goals, so now they have requested testing for functional communication goals. I am hoping that he qualifies because I think he could really benefit from functional communication goals. I feel that I am constantly prompting him to say hi, bye, please, thank you, etc. I want him to start doing these things on his own as well as recognizing facial expressions of when people are happy, mad, sad, etc.  This is something else that he has a big problem with.

He has his dental procedure this week and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Zion has never been put under and I am really, really scared. I know it is a routine procedure, but still as a mother, you will always worry. This entire week I have been coaching him as to what the plan is and what they are going to do. I am doing my best to prepare him for what will come and for the fact that I won’t be right there next to him. The dentist and doctors are aware of his Autism, and the dentist actually specializes in working with these kiddos (probably why he did so well the first time). Speaking of doctors, since having to go to the emergency room, Zion hasn’t had any upper respiratory issues. He was prescribed Flovent and is actually still taking it twice a day. It has done wonders and I am thankful for it!

Thank you so much for watching and reading! Posting that video actually made me look back at all the videos on my youtube channel and o..m..g… Zion has changed so much!! He is still so stinking cute, but his speech is just so different. Never give up hope for your little ones! Every success is amazing! Oh and don’t forget APRIL 2 is WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY!! Wear your blue! See you next month.