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Exciting news from Tricare and the Breastfeeding Shop

Deciding what is best for you and your new baby can be some of the hardest decisions you grapple with. However, choosing the right breast pump should be easier than most. Forget standing in the store debating on what you want or what you think the best fit for you will be. Tricare and The Breast Feeding Shop have teamed up to help you narrow down your options options to ensure the best choice, and make the entire process as easy as possible.

When I made the decision to breastfeed my boys, I was a little overwhelmed with all the options that were available. Each one claimed to be the best, and I was not sure which one would best fit the needs that I was going to have. I sat down my doctor and we went through the options, what my concerns and wants were, and we found the model that best suited me. It was a dream come true!

How does shopping in your pajamas sound? You heard me! Get comfy, grab your coffee or tea, and follow the link, to enter the world of online awesome! The Breastfeeding shop is dedicated to helping the military, so they have partnered with Tricare to help you cover the costs of a breast pump and accessories. All you need is:

  1. A prescription from your doctor
  2. Fill the information out online and add your insurance info
  3. Select the model that is perfect for you
  4. Wait for it to arrive at your door

It is covered 100%, so there is no cost to you! If you are stationed overseas, you can also get your pump and needed accessories shipped to you. This is not limited to just the mainland. They also ship quickly, so you will not be waiting for weeks without your pump.

Don’t let this pass you by!! Talk to your doctor today, and then let the folks at the Breast Feeding Shop help you as you prepare to meet your new cuddle bug.

Follow this link to get your new pump today: https://thebreastfeedingshop.com/breast-pump-insurance-order-form/