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Flight of the Sparrow – Week 2

Mary is raised in a strict Puritan world. She submits to her husband in all things and never ventures farther from her house and yard without permission from her husband. When Mary is kidnapped from her home, she is horrified at the carnage going on around her. Family, friends and acquaintances are clubbed, shot, and left on the ground. Mary grabs her daughter and holds on for dear life. Her daughter is injured and Mary does not know if she will live or not. Nothing makes sense! Where are the soldiers, and her husband? Where are her children? Mary is determined to not give up, but it seems that everything is against her. Then she is sold to an Indian family and begins her life of servitude. Then the questions start…. what will she discover about herself and her life as she knew it before?

This week we are going to be reading Chapters 10-20.
1. What do you make of the English Indian James?
2. Is Mary becoming more Indian in her ways? Or is she drawing on her inner strength to survive her trials?
3.  Mary learns she is about to be ransomed back to the English, but she is not happy. She instead feels despair about leaving her new found freedom, albeit as a slave, to return to the rigid life of Puritan living. Given the circumstances, would you choose to stay or return to the life that you knew?


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