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Fun Friday Girls Night Craft Idea: Scarf Organizer

Happy Friday! How was your week? Have you started Spring cleaning? I totally have and I realize that the scarf fad really took over my dressers. I wanted to make a fun Friday Girls Night Craft Idea for you to make with your girlfriends so you too can hang your scarves out of the way and organized. 

Very cute right? Yes, there’s only three tubes on this one. I was so excited at how cute it was, that I couldn’t wait to add the other tube for the final picture. I’m silly sometimes. haha But I just LOVE IT! I have to give credit to my sister in law. She gave me the idea to make something to hang scarves on. 
You can totally make this! Grab your friends and have a fun night making something you can totally use. 

Here’s what you’ll need to make this fun craft! 

Empty toilet rolls
Hot Glue Gun/Glue
Pants hanger 

The flower is a sturdy felt, you can find it at a craft shop or you can use a Chinet plate. 

The hanger will be how the craft hangs. 

Grab your flower and your hot glue gun.

It will hang well. I only plan to hang 4-5 scarves. If you make it any heavier you will need to reinforce it with a stronger backing. 

Now we are ready to add the empty toilet paper rolls to serve as the holders. I decided to cover the rolls with felt so that the scarf fabric would kind of “stick” to the felt. You could also use velvet. That would be really pretty too. 
Grab your sheet of felt and measure by placing the roll on the felt and pre-rolling it to see where you’ll need to make the cut. Once you cut you can hot glue the fabric onto the roll. 

Save a bit of the fabric to cover the top of the roll. 

Did you think it was going to be this easy? Super easy. I hope that you make one for yourself or for a friend. And you can hang other things like ties or necklaces if you don’t have enough scarves to fill it up with. 

I hope you enjoyed this craft! If you make it, please tag us on social media by following us on Facebook and Twitter and using the #MMSCraft hash tag. 

Happy Crafting!


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