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Fun In The Sun Board!

Say Cheese!! In my opinion, the best way to enjoy a picnic lunch or a light snack is to add fresh fruit, cheese, and of course crackers. I have just the recipe for you to try. Lately, Charcuterie Boards have been all the rage, and this “Fun in the Sun Board” certainly will not disappoint.

It’s such a time saver since it requires no cooking; just some light prep. It only takes a few minutes to assemble and you don’t have to be an expert to make such a beautiful creation.

Fun In The Sun Board

Prep Time: 15 min Total Time: 15 min Makes 10 servings.


SABRA Supremely Spicy Hummus

Sargento® Extra Sharp Cheddar Natural Cheese Block, sliced

Sargento® Sharp Cheddar-Jack Natural Cheese Block, sliced

Pineapple slices

Watermelon wedges

Cucumbers, cut into sticks

TRISCUIT Thin Crisps Crackers

GOOD THINS Sea Salt Corn Snacks

Lime wedges

Chili-lime seasoning



Place hummus and cheeses on a large board or platter. Fill in empty spaces with pineapple, watermelon, cucumbers, crackers, and snacks. Add lime wedges and a small bowl of chili-lime seasoning for more color and flavor.

This Fun in the Sun Board can be tailored to fit any number of servings, depending on the size of your gathering. Use a guideline of 2 Tbsp. hummus and 1 oz. EACH cheese, and crackers, or snacks per serving. For a well-balanced board, fill in empty spaces with fresh fruit. For the 10 servings shown here, figure on purchasing a 10 oz. container of hummus and 10 oz. of cheese (total weight of both cheeses). Be sure to have plenty of crackers, snacks, fruit, and cucumbers on hand.


Substitute: Prepare using your favorite fresh fruits. You should plan on having a total of 4 cups of cut-up fruit on hand to arrange on the board.

Note: The chili-lime seasoning is the perfect flavor complement to the pineapple.


The best thing about this “Fun in the Sun board” is that there are no right or wrong answers. You can use variations of ingredients depending on what your guests like. Top ’em? Dip ’em? You do you! Just add Triscuit, Good Thins, or Wheat Thins for the ultimate summer snack-sation.

Head over to your local commissary to pick up ingredients to assemble your “Fun In The Sun Board” today. Be sure to check out this recipe and many others. Visit https://mymilitarysavings.com/brands/nabisco/recipes 

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