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Have you tried Commissary CLICK2GO?

Now that summer is coming to an end and the kids are preparing to go back to school; I’ll admit I found myself struggling to get back into the swing of things. My family finished a cross-country move and mini family vacation. Once I finally had time to slow down I realized my to-do list was a little overwhelming. My days became filled with tasks such as trying to find a new home, completing errands like buying school clothes and supplies and the LAST thing I wanted to do was shop for groceries especially when I had to buy a lot to refill our pantry and freezer.

Luckily, as always the Commissary had me covered. If you haven’t tried the Commissary’s CLICK2GO service I would highly recommend it. It’s so easy to use! You can get all your pantry staples and fresh food without stepping foot in the store. You can place orders from your desktop computer or your mobile device. Now you may have tried a similar service at some of your favorite retailers but some of the unique things I found when placing my first order was that the $4.95 service fee was waived and there was no minimum amount to spend to place an order. You still have access to the promotions and deals available in the store and for those who love coupons, you can redeem your digital coupons by ensuring your rewards ID is loaded into your profile.

Pro Shopping Tip: ALWAYS get online and check the current sales flyer! The Commissary offers everyday low prices. On average, shoppers can save more than 30 percent compared to shopping in town, and by clipping those digital coupons you can save even more.

If you aren’t familiar with the process here are the steps to place an online order:

  • Go to https://shop.commissaries.com and sign into your account. Be sure to update your profile and set your store.
  • Select your items and quantities and add them to your cart
  • Select your pick-up date and time slot
  • Make your payment online
  • Lastly, pick up your groceries and enjoy!

One of the great features when selecting produce like bananas is that the website allows you to select ripeness.

Making your payment is easy with additional options like using your Military STAR card to complete your order.

Pickup is also a breeze. When you arrive follow the signs to your store’s pickup location. My store has designated parking spaces in the front of the store while other installations may offer pickup in the back. Your commissary associates will bring your groceries to your car making your trip quick and easy.

Don’t stress about your busy schedule or having to get the kids ready for another shopping trip. If you want to save yourself some time or you are too busy with other day-to-day errands; I highly recommend Commissary CLICK2GO. You’ll be glad you did! Grocery shopping has never been easier thanks to this great service. Check the Commissary website (https://shop.commissaries.com) for hours and availability in your area.

Lasonja Williams

Lasonja Williams is an Air Force Veteran with 21 years of experience in Logistics. She enjoys sharing information and finding new ways to help others. She is also a mom of two teenagers. She loves blogging, baking and spending time with her family.