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Howl up your Halloween with HERSHEY!!

Where are all my Halloween junkies!!?? You know who you are! You wait all year for this ONE day to roll around, so the time has finally come to live it up! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of all time. The treats, the crafts, the costumes.. I literally cannot get enough! I have started working on all sorts of different decorations, and am now planning the fun treats that we are going to consume at the parties that we will be hosting and attending later this month.

Of course, we plan the day around the kiddos, so we don’t want to freak them out to bad, but there is still so much more fun to be had! It all culminates on Halloween night when all the cute little ghouls and ghoulies come to your door for their treats! As a parent, this is by far the best part of the season. Getting to watch their faces light up as they collect their treats, and run from house to house (thank you for the pre-bedtime wiggle release), and then home to sort through all the treasures they have collected. It is AWESOME! Not only do you get first pick from the treat bag, but they are more than willing to do just about anything (including sleep) to have one piece of candy.

Now, I have to share some of my secrets with you! While I love to create new and fun eats – HERSHEY’s has me covered! Great recipes, craft ideas AND perfect prices on bags of candy! I can get all my Halloween candy stocked AND get everything I need for some great bakes in the kitchen. I love it!! Get yourself to the commissary and load up on the awesome selections that they have available and take advantage of the great prices!! Don’t delay! Prepare for your best Spooky Halloween yet! Head over to Hershey Hallow for all your Halloween needs!

“Chocolate coating makes it go down easier.” (Valerie from the Princess Bride)