Huggies® Coupons and Savings

Give your baby the love and hug they need with Huggies® diapers and wipes. Huggies® offers a wide variety of diapers to fit the needs of your little one. Not only are they designed to keep you little one’s skin dry and healthy, but they offer 12 hours of leak protection, so your baby can sleep through the night comfortably. Huggies® diapers come in all sizes from newborn to training pants!

Finding the right diapers to protect your little one can be a tough task. However, in my opinion finding the best overnight diapers can be an even bigger challenge. For my two little ones, I went with a brand I trusted, Huggies®. Huggies® OverNites is the #1 selling nighttime diaper and the reason is simple. These diapers allow your baby to get a full night’s rest without having to worry about any leakage! I’ll be honest, my daughter truly challenged this leak protection. She is a heavy sleeper, and after she turned 1 she slept (and still can) a solid 12-14 hours a night. However, thanks to Huggies® OverNites, she is able to get her beauty rest without a leaky diaper.

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GET $2.00 OFF any ONE (1) package of Huggies® Overnites Diapers



  • #1 selling nighttime diaper
  • Up to 12 hours of leakage protection to help with a restful night’s sleep
  • Helps maintain healthy skin


GET $1.50 OFF any ONE (1) package of Huggies® Diapers

Includes Little Snugglers!


  • Designed to help keep baby’s skin clean and healthy
  • GentleAbsorb® Liner (P-2) draws the mess away from baby’s delicate skin
  • Wetness indicator changes color when it’s time to change

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