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Hurrah! The End Is In SIGHT!!

We are getting ready to begin winding up our school year. Good news for most kids. My kids – they will be doing school work most of the summer. We took a few weeks off this last month. We were tired, and mentally exhausted. I was as tired as the kids. So we juggled a few things around, and have decided to move things through the summer, so that we do not lose track on learning. I always loved going to school, but dreaded going back. The first weeks were always the recap of what we had learned the year before – and what we forgot over the summer.

We will not be sitting all day during the summer with the books however. We can take some of the many assignments that we have, and take them outside for some fun learning. There are so many fun things coming our way. Summer brings on so many different adventures and so many more lessons that we can do! Science is in full bloom around us, and I am excited to get out with the boys and watch nature blooming.

If you have been following along with us, you have seen our ups and downs this year. It has been one crazy ride! I am so ready for this school year to be behind us. I feel as though we have struggled more than normal. Don’t get me wrong – we are learning – but there are days where we are crawling at a snails pace and I wonder if we are ever going to see the end of these books! While we work through the bits and pieces of what we have left, I have found that I almost have to pep talk myself into getting started. I want to scream “You are the teacher, pull yourself together” at least once a day. All teachers go through this!

My kids rejoice during finals week, as they get a few days where I am busy grading other papers. That is our teacher in-service time, as I am usually muttering to myself at what I need to finish with my own kids, and planning out future classes for them in my mind. Multi-tasking at its finest!

Summer promises to be full of fun, learning, and expanding on what we learned this year. Of course, I will already be planning our upcoming year – but that is just part of the fun! How are you spending your summer!?