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Kids Bowl Free All Summer Long Includes Many Military Bases

OMG!  I am so excited that there are so many great opportunities available during the summer for kids, however, this one is probably our favorite.  Did you know Kids Bowl FREE All Summer at participating bowling alleys?  What makes it even more amazing is that many military bowling centers participate in this awesome program!  WOOHOO!

So, what do you need to know?  Your kiddo(s) can get 2 FREE bowling games every day in the summer (dates vary by location).  You will need to see what your local centers are including for the FREE Games to see whether shoes are included (most of what I have seen, they are NOT included but have a minimal cost).

When you head to the Kids Bowl FREE website, find where you can select location.  If you search by state, the military locations are not included, but you may see some fun opportunities to be in your local community!  For your installation, select Military Bowling Centers, and then it is sorted by Service Branch.  Once you find your branch, then search through the list to find your location.  To be honest, we sign up for both the on-base and the local community bowling centers!  Get signed up and get ready to start your summer bowling fun!

They will offer a family pass for up to 4 additional family members over a certain age (varies by location, but usually 16 is standard) for a set price per location.  As a note, you can sign up right away, but I have found that if you decline, they will give you a bonus savings offer.  If you still decline, you will receive emails to get additional offers.  I have seen $5 off, and 25% off within some of the different family pass bonus savings.  With a family pass, each member on the pass will get 2 FREE games of bowling per day as well (shoes will vary based on location).

If you have any further questions about the Kids Bowl FREE Program, check out the FAQ section.

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