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Nerdy Nibbles Invites You to Be Our Guest!

Anyone else (besides me) CRAZY excited for the new Beauty and the Beast movie?! I’m having to bribe my boys to go see it with me with a couple of yummy movie inspired desserts! These are super easy and super fun!! A running theme with my snacks. 😉

Remember the line in the song, “Try the gray stuff, it’s delicious! Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes!” Well, I HAD to try the gray stuff! And it REALLY is delicious. Ha! Here’s the super easy recipe:

  • Oreo flavored instant pudding mix
  • A couple tablespoons of chocolate instant pudding mix
  • Two cups of milk

Whisk together until thickened. Fold about one cup of whipped topping into the pudding mix until you get your desired “gray” color. For a little sparkle, I added some silvery sprinkles on top!

Super fun! The next night, I made Rose Bud Cakes. My boys LOVE strawberries so I knew this would be a winner.

I bought the prepackaged sponge cakes from the grocery bakery. Fill them with whipped topping and add sliced strawberries to resemble rose petals. 

How cute are these?

Who’s going to see the movie this weekend? I CAN’T WAIT!