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Ocean Breeze

Happy Friday, y’all! It’s FINALLY Spring Break here and I was hoping the weather might actually cooperate with us, but it’s the first day of our vacation and it’s RAINING! What?! I’ve been dying to spend some lazy days at the beach! Hopefully later this week. If not, I have a backup plan, in the form of a Happy Hour cocktail! If I can’t get to the beach, I’ll make the beach come to us in the form of an Ocean Breeze Cocktail! It’s tropical, fruity, and as pretty as the ocean. 😉 This is a super simple cocktail that lets you use your favorite flavored liquors. I even have a nonalcoholic version that’s reminiscent of an Ocean Water from Sonic! So much fun!


To begin, fill your glass with ice. Add 1-2 ounces of your favorite clear liquors. I used Captain Morgan Coconut Rum with a splash of Pineapple Rum. Oh yes I did! Top it off with 2 ounces of lemon lime soda. This cocktail is great with white rum or vodka, lime or citrus rums or vodkas. See where I’m going with this? Make it your own!


It smells amazing already! And 1 ounce of Blue Curacao to get the beautiful ocean blue color. Plus, it adds a nice hint of citrus to your tropical cocktail. YUM!


Add a fresh fruit garnish if you’re feeling fancy and pretend it’s a warm beautiful day on the beach.


For the nonalcoholic version, I found a Blue Curacao syrup at my local grocery store (near the drink mixers!) Top your lemon lime soda with the syrup. You can even add a 1/2-1 teaspoon of coconut extract for a yummy tropical flavor. My boys LOVE the Ocean Water from Sonic so they thought this was the best thing ever. And it is!

I hope you’re enjoying your Spring Break vacation!

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