Oreo Witch Stockings!

Only a couple more weeks before the witches come a flyin’!! Halloween is right around the corner and we are celebrating every way that we can. As a sort of count down, every week my daughters and I create a Halloween-themed treat. Everyone in my house happens to be on a witch-kick right now all because my 5 year old overheard my husband joking with me that “not all witches live in Salem.” Yep, he was pretty much calling me The Head of all creepies that fly on brooms, to which I responded, “You say I’m a witch like it’s a bad thing!?” Then later that night I found myself in genuine, deep conversation with my preschooler about how no, I am not a real witch and unfortunately, nope, I have never seen anyone actually fly on a broom, either. My 6th grader is thrilled that she got away with calling me a witch a few times, in my attempts to prove that “being a witch isn’t a bad thing”, right, and loooong story short… let’s just say I showed everyone that if you can’t stir with the big girls then you gotta stay away from the cauldron!! Ya hear me!? ­čśŤ

Okay, I actually have no idea what I’m talking about, that just sounded good. I was called a witch one too many times, took it personal, my husband had to treat me to a nice dinner, and now we’re good. But guess what?? My kids are still obsessed with witches. Figures. But I don’t mind!! ‘Cause yes, indeed, you can bribe THIS witch (me… ssshh, don’t tell my husband I said it) with CHOCOLATE! Oreos┬«, to be specific! And that’s exactly what we used for this super cute craft. (And for the record, IF I was any sort of witch, it would be the GOOD one, Glenda, from Wizard of Oz! So there.)

If you are looking for party favors to give out at your annual Halloween bash, or if you’re bringing in treats for your kiddo’s classroom holiday party, or whether you just want to make a few to hand out to neighbors – these treats are so stinkin’ fun. And SIMPLE. Which is what we all really like, deep down, isn’t it?? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Yeah, learned that from my preschooler. Probably sounded like I’m casting spells over here.

This is all that you need for these Oreo® Witch Stockings:


Step 1) Print the template I have drawn for the witch shoe and trace it out on your poster board or card stock. If you’re just making one or two Oreo┬« Witch Stockings, print the template directly onto your paper!


Step 2) Fold the cutout in half and glue together the very end, which would be the tip of the witch’s shoe. Don’t glue the back because that’s where the Oreos┬« sit!


Step 3) Fill a snack size baggie with as many Oreos® as you can. In my case, it was 8. Seal the bag shut and then line the closure with a bit of glue and fold the bag over to get that bulky ziplock out of the way.


Then turn the bag sideways so the Oreos┬« are stacked on top of each other and glue down the corners of the baggy so they aren’t standing up and are laying down flat.

Step 4) Insert your roll of cookies into the open end of the witch’s shoe. Insert a ribbon at the tippy top of the shoe as close as you can get to the cookies to help hold them in place. Voila!


You could bedazzle the shoe, add some glitter, draw designs, write a note, whatever you please! I’d love to see what sorts of things you come up with. Share your photos with me in the comments below!!

But wait… it gets even better…


This Family Size package of LIMITED EDITION Halloween Oreos® are only $2.99 at your local commissary, while supplies last!!! Add them to your shopping list today!


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