Toilet Paper Frankenstein Rolls

I was asked to help out with my daughter’s preschool class in organizing a Halloween party for all of the little munchkins. Besides super cute snacks and decorations, I had to come up with an activity to share with everyone… and oh my, the possibilities are really endless when it comes to creativity with the basic supplies. I mean, let’s talk toilet paper rolls for a second. Do you know all of the crafts that you can make with those things??? Animals, binoculars, stamps, wreaths, party favor boxes, napkin rings, and so on, and so on!!! Type in TP rolls in a search engine and then cue the “wooooow”s because, yeah. Those little rolls that get no credit and go straight to the trash (or hopefully recycling bin) have been turned into some amazing things by some fantastically imaginative people.

These Frankenstein Toilet Paper Rolls are not the craft that I ended up deciding on for the Halloween party, buuuut, it was something that I did come across during my search and my favorite little preschooler asked me to make them with her anyway. How could I say no to that precious face!?


Yep, there she is posing with all the materials you’ll need, minus the scissors. So make sure you grab:

  • A toilet paper roll, obviously 🙂
  • Black and green marker
  • 2 golf tees
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Scissors and glue

I asked my sweetie pie what she thought about this craft after she completed it and she said it was the “prettiest Frankenstein she had ever seen.” I don’t think *pretty* when I think Frankie, but I will agree it’s the best I’ve ever seen! She was a rock star at this!!

Step 1) I marked a black line 1/3 of the way down the roll to show where the hair should stop. She colored everything in above it, black. Then she colored the rest of the roll green! (Note- we did end up switching to a very light green colored marker because the regular green ended up being a bit dark and there wasn’t a drastic enough contrast between it and the black.)


Step 2) Pop the golf tees into both sides of the paper roll right under the hair line and then draw a line for a mouth and add some little lines for stitches.


Step 3) Using scissors, make little cuts at the top of the roll to give the hair some dimension.


Step 4) Glue on your googly eyes and Frankenstein is ready for display!!


This guy looked great right next to our pine cone bats!! I’m all about decorating on a budget! 🙂 Isn’t it terror-ific? HA!

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