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POWERADE: Power UP Your School Sports Contest!

Oh, those good ol’ high school days! I love reminiscing through my old high school yearbook because it brings back such fond memories. While I wasn’t much of an athlete (I tried out for the tennis team but failed miserably), I did enjoy all the sporting events. It was a big part of our high school culture! School sports are so important, not only for bonding and creating student unity (not to mention, keeping kids out of trouble), but best of all, can help shape up the future of many students!

And, if you’re like me and love showing your support towards your schools teams, you just might love this opportunity! COCA-COLA and POWERADE are powering up to give away cash prizes to a deserving school with the “Power up your school sports” contest, even a $10,000 check!

Interested? Know of a school you feel is deserving? Then simply follow these easy steps:

  • Visit www.POWERADE.com
  • Create either a video or essay as to why you feel your school deserves to win.
  • Submit your video from August 1 through October 31

There will be 50…yes, 50 GRAND PRIZE WINNERS! Your school could be one of those lucky ones to receive $10,000 towards their athletic program!

Don’t fret if you’re not one of the chosen 50, because there will also be 150 FIRST PRIZE WINNERS, who will receive $2,000 towards their athletic programs as well!

So, start cheering and rooting for your school, power up those thinking caps, and submit your videos and essays today!


A well-seasoned Space Force Spouse and mom of two who loves to travel, read, and workout!