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Radiance Renewal for Your Entire Body

I just tried these amazing new products from Gold Bond!  I love how silky smooth my skin feels!  It makes for a GREAT smooth, supple and soft feeling after shaving too!  I have to tell you all about it as well as let you know how to get in on some coupon savings, so you can try this awesome new cream or lotion from Gold Bond! At this time of year, my skin can get dry and itchy, but Gold Bond helps to keep it soft and smooth!


Keep Visibly Dry Skin from Coming Back with Gold Bond® Ultimate has Coconut Oil + Cocoa Butter + African Shea Butter.   Radiance Renewal for your skin all over your entire body!!

Cream: 5.5 oz
Lotion: 14 oz.
Both the cream and lotion are a specially made cream oil blend that richly hydrates your skin to help prevent visibly dry skin from coming back. GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal cream-oil combines the ultimate triple-blend of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and African Shea Butter to deliver nourishing, extended hydration. One of the awesome benefits from this product is that it gently exfoliates to help remove dead, dry skin cells that cause skin to look flaky or ashy.  It is Dermatologist Tested; as well is a Non-Greasy and a  24 Hour Moisturizing formula.
Ashy skin, also known as Xeroderma, is simply a condition involving dry and flaky skin. However, when it occurs in dark skin, the complexion takes on a gray, ashy appearance.* The simple solution is to moisturize. The smart solution is to use GOLD BOND® Ultimate lotions and creams that offer up to 24-hour moisturization. Although all of their products will help decrease the appearance of ashy skin, GOLD BOND® Ultimate Radiance Renewal is an ideal moisturizing solution.
Click here for One Dollar ($1.00) off Coupon Savings or type this link into your web browser http://goldbondultimate.com/coupon  to use at your local Defense Agency Commissary or your local Military Exchange Service.