Tips for a Teething Baby

Having a baby is a life changing moment, such an amazing milestone in someone’s life! If you are becoming a first time Mom, or this is not your first child, these tips can sure come in handy! Everyone always told me that every child is different, and I see that now! I have two girls […]

Great Savings On LUBRIDERM Lotion!

Winter is still here and we are beginning to feel the effects on our skin. The cold and dry atmosphere can impact your skin greatly. If you are not moisturizing regularly, the potential for dry and itchy skin is a possibility. This year, beat the winter itch with Lubriderm! The vast line of Lubriderm means […]

Gold Bond Protection

Generally in South Texas fall means a cooler summer. However, lately, old man winter has snuck up a little early and gave my skin a beating. Winter is so rough on my skin. In fact, it is harsh on this households skin in general. So in this household, we need a lotion that can’t keep […]

Save and Glow with Lubriderm

Fall is arriving, and the time to heal our skin is about to arrive. Summer is always fun, but the sun really takes a toll on our skin. It can leave our skin feeling dried out, rough, and non-glowing. But now that fall is here, the cooler temps allow us some time to regain the […]

Choose Your Ultimate Lotion

There are a variety of Gold Bond Lotions to fit any needs for everyone.  Sometimes my needs change with the seasons.  Normally I prefer the Gold Bond Strength and Resilience Lotion for the benefits it has for skin for someone like myself who is approaching their forties and wants to ensure that not only are […]