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Choose Your Ultimate Lotion

There are a variety of Gold Bond Lotions to fit any needs for everyone.  Sometimes my needs change with the seasons.  Normally I prefer the Gold Bond Strength and Resilience Lotion for the benefits it has for skin for someone like myself who is approaching their forties and wants to ensure that not only are they taking care of their skin, but that they are assisting their skin to age gracefully and not prematurely.  However, with this unseasonably colder weather this year and being at a new duty station with an entirely new climate for me and my skin to get use to, I’ve been using the Gold Bond Healing Lotion this winter.  It really is helping me with my dry skin from the bitter cold and wind we’ve been getting for the past month or so since we moved here while helping to keep it healthy looking too.  I also like the Gold Bond Radiance Renewal which also helps with dry skin.  My husband has been using and absolutely loves the Gold Bond Men’s Essentials Lotion.

My dad is a retired Veteran and has issues with Eczema, so he loves and used the Gold Bond Eczema Relief Lotion; while both my mother and mother in law, whom are diabetics use and rave about the benefits of Gold Bond Diabetic’s Dry Skin Relief Lotion.  There really is a lotion to fit pretty much any skin type for any person for whatever they are needing and looking for!  I just love that Gold Bond has a variety to choose from to fit my needs, even when my needs may change from time to time… or in this case for me from season to season and from duty station to duty station.

Check out your local Defense Commissary Agency and / or your local Military Exchange Service to find your ultimate lotion with Gold Bond!