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Save and Glow with Lubriderm

Fall is arriving, and the time to heal our skin is about to arrive. Summer is always fun, but the sun really takes a toll on our skin. It can leave our skin feeling dried out, rough, and non-glowing. But now that fall is here, the cooler temps allow us some time to regain the glow and healing that we really need. Everyone needs a little TLC from time to time, and now you can get skin care for the entire family. With the coming of fall, we tend to slow down with our busy schedules a little more, and spend more time inside.

We don’t realize how hard we are on our skin until we begin giving it a little TLC. This summer we spent a lot more time outdoors than normal, and my skin really took a beating. Lots of camping trips, and fun in the sun at the pool.  The kids too have started complaining about itchy skin, or rough patches. I loaded up on the Lubriderm and we use it a couple of times a day. Our skin is already responding to this little bit of TLC! No more complaints about itchy arms or legs, and my skin feels softer each day.

Right now at your local NEX, you can save $1.00 on your favorite Lubriderm item! Men, women, and kids of all ages will love the luxurious feeling of their skin, and there are no overpowering scents! This makes it perfect for everyone! Try it today or load back up on your fave products! These prices are good through 31 October 2018. Don’t let these great deals pass you by!

See more of the great deals that are going on this month from Lubriderm and MORE here: Johnson & Johnson NEX. Share your favorite Lubriderm product with us!