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Gold Bond Protection

Generally in South Texas fall means a cooler summer. However, lately, old man winter has snuck up a little early and gave my skin a beating. Winter is so rough on my skin. In fact, it is harsh on this households skin in general. So in this household, we need a lotion that can’t keep our skin moisturized while helping us parents improve the texture of aging skin. Luckily, we keep around the brand we trust, Gold Bond Ultimate. Not only does Gold Bond Ultimate strengthen skin, it increases resilience, and improves skins texture!

Our favorite Gold Bond Ultimate? Gold Bond®Ultimate Strength & Resilience! Unfortunately, nobody can escape time, and during this process our skin loses vital lipids and proteins, causing it to look old before its time. However, Gold Bond®Ultimate Strength & Resilience is specially formulated for aging skin, with a blend of 7 plumping moisturizers and 3 vitamins with proteins and lipids to help replenish moisture that has been lost from skin through the aging process, helping skin look stronger and feel more resilient.

Another one of our favorites is the Gold Bond Men’s Intensive Therapy! My spouse is a huge Gold Bond fan! This lotion is so creamy, thick, and nourishing for the problematic skin. My husband has some severely dry skin, and Gold Bond Men’s Intensive Therapy has worked wonders!

Need More? Gold Bond®Ultimate Strength & Resilience is clinically tested! 

  • 92% had improvement in moisture retention in 1 day
  • 84% saw a visible improvement in skin texture in 5 days
  • 77% felt stronger, more resilient skin in 4 weeks

Key Ingredients:

Stress Response Proteins: Lock in moisture.

Advanced Hydration Blend: Draws moisture into skin cells, helping improve skin texture.

Skin Firming Complex: Helps enhance skin’s protective layer.

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