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Great Savings On LUBRIDERM Lotion!

Winter is still here and we are beginning to feel the effects on our skin. The cold and dry atmosphere can impact your skin greatly. If you are not moisturizing regularly, the potential for dry and itchy skin is a possibility. This year, beat the winter itch with Lubriderm!

The vast line of Lubriderm means that there is something for everyone! From kids to adults, your skin can maintain its healthy glow and silky smooth feeling. Every winter, I go through a dry skin spell. I fall off the wagon of keeping up with the daily lotion routine. It can be hard when things get busy to maintain normal daily routines. Dealing with itchy dry skin is really hard on the healthy skin underneath. Scratching continually could potentially damage the healthy skin. Keep your skin healthy from top to bottom!

We keep lotion placed throughout the house – bathrooms, bedrooms, office, and even one in the kitchen. A little bit a few times a day can help to relieve and begin to heal the dry skin. Go into spring with gorgeous looking skin! Lubriderm does not have an oily feel either so everyone will love the smooth texture of the lotion!

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