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Surviving the Sickness

Whether you are sick or you wee ones are the ones whom are feeling ill, it is never easy trying to survive the sickness.

Luckily there are things you can do to try to survive it all.   My youngest has been sick since this past Friday and we are finally getting in today (Monday) to see his doctor on base.  While we have been waiting to get into see his Primary Care Manager (PCM), I have been doing a few things to make it easier on him.  One is he has been taking Triaminic  Day Time Cold& Cough and at bedtime the Triaminic Night Time Cold & Cough.  I have also been giving him hot steamy showers and then putting mentholated chest rub on his chest, back and the bottoms of his feet then covering his feet with socks.  I’ve allowed him to camp out on the couch with all the juice, water and other fluids that are not dairy he can drink.  Due to his chest congestion I’ve kept him off all dairy; such as milk, butter, cheese and yes, even ice cream.

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