The Secret Garden – Week Two

Mary has finally found the key to the garden, and as she walks around inside, she is sure that she can bring it back to life. With the help of Dicken, the garden begins to take on a new look. The crying in the night has not stopped, and Mary has determined to figure out […]

The Help – Week 2

Miss Skeeter has convinced Aibileen and Minny to sit for her interviews, and to start spilling their stories about the families they have worked for. Aibileen and Minny are both extremely cautious, as they know that any wrong step will cause their termination, and they both rely on their jobs to get by. Although Aibileen […]

The Secret Garden – Week 1

Mary Lennox just might be the most selfish and ignored little girl on the face of the planet. What she wants, she gets, and if she does not get what she wants, she throws a temper tantrum. While she can view her parents from afar, they do not have time for her. Her father is […]

The Help – Week 1

Aibileen, Minny, and Miss Skeeter all live in the same area, but their lives could not be more different. Aibileen and Minny work as hired help in the homes of their white counterparts. Miss Skeeter, an unfortunate nickname, is the daughter of a cotton farmer, and well-to-do. Jackson, Mississippi is as diverse as they come. […]