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Books Books and more Books!!

September is such a wonderful month! There are some great things happening around us, and the leaves are starting to change! I take this as my cue to curl up with books more often, and spend time inside where I can binge my way through many of the new books that were released over the summer. But September also has the Hide A Book Day event (18 September) which is run through www.goodreads.com and an exciting way to put a new book into someone’s hands. I enjoy recommending books, or surprising friends with a new read that they have been wanting to try, but the thrill of finding a HIDDEN book!?? Priceless! It is almost like visiting book heaven (aka, a book store) but in the outdoors! Of course, before you hide a book outside, check your weather to make sure the book is not going to get ruined by rain. Right now, I have four books that I am hoping to find a spot for on the posting where we stationed, providing I can get approval from the places I am eyeing. Whether you hide them outside or inside – just knowing that you are leaving a book that you loved for someone else to enjoy is exciting. Now if you want to, there are stickers that you can put on the cover of the book, or you can just write on the inside cover! Pretty simple! I found some of the stickers and ordered a few just for some fun, but of course, I am going to add one into my book book (the book where I log all the books that I read and carry with me), for a little memento.

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This month also rolls out the “it’s almost Halloween” so it’s time to bring on the scary stories and find a new ghost story that you can scare yourself silly with. I have been saving books on my kindle like crazy that I am going to be reading. Most of them are just under a hundred pages, so quick reads, but full of ghostly lore and legends from our area and some of the surrounding states. I keep telling my husband I am going to hang a map and start marking places that I want to go visit at some point. He just rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Although with our boys in cub scouts and camping trips that are planned for the fall, there is nothing saying I CANT tell ghost stories around the fires at night right??? Just means I have to read more and find some awesome ones to share that won’t scare the kiddies to much.

Of course, this is the month that I sit down and seriously start planning out the next year of books for the My Military Savings Book Club. While these can change from time to time, due to discovering awesomeness on accident, I generally plan out the entire years reads for kids and adults at once. It allows me a little more leeway in getting them read and prepped for y’all to enjoy. But of course, we like to hear your suggestions as well!! You can always send over your suggestions to bookclub@mymilitarysavings.com and we will check them out!! Keep following us on our blog for more exciting news and events!