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The Return of the Indian – Week 3

Little Bear is recovering from his wounds, and Omri is worried about his friend. But they are trying to decide how to help Little Bear’s village from being completely overrun by the soldiers attacking it. Patrick wants to send soldiers from the future back to help, but Omri is not sure that its a really good idea. When they bring a few soldiers to life in the cupboard, Omri gets a bunch of bullets in his hand from one of the machine guns. Not a good idea at all! They decide to find other Indian figures to bring back to help Little Bear with his battle. This seems to be the best idea yet. They move the little seed tray downstairs and out into the sunlight. While they are outside, Boone takes his horse for a ride through the grass, but disaster is about to hit. Omri’s cat is outside, and pounces at the little figures. Boone is okay, but his horse has been hurt badly. He tells the boys to look away while he puts the horse out of its misery. After burying the horse in the garden area, they decide to bring one soldier to help the Indian braves learn to use the now-guns.

Omri is not ready to send Little Bear back to his village. He was badly wounded, and not sure if he is healed enough to be engaged in another battle. Omri and Patrick bring the Matron back to give Little Bear a check up. She was sure that she was going to be needed again, so she put a few things in her pocket, just in case. Now that Little Bear has been given the all clear from the Matron, its time to get down to business. They put a soldier in the cupboard that can show the braves how to use the now guns. But when Little Bear demands to be sent back, Omri hesitates…

This week we are reading chapters 11-16


  1. Is the idea to bring other Indian braves to help Little Bear a good idea?
  2. Should Omri have thought more about the dangers of having the little people outside more before taking them down?
  3. Should the boys have thought more about trying to send themselves back to the village? Was it a good idea or bad idea?