Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintAloha! The USO here on Schofield offers a variety of events that cater to all walks of military folks. Sometimes their events cater to families and sometimes they hold events that cater to a more specific crowd. On Friday, May 11th from 8:30am-10:30am the USO on Schofield Barracks will be hosting their first Military […]

Smokehaus Easter Brunch April 16th

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintIt’s that time of year again! Easter is almost here and the Fort Benning Club will be hosting an elegant Easter Brunch on April 1st. With two seating times, 10am and noon, attendees will enjoy a menu of delicious pastries, a meat carving station, salad and more. The cost is $19.95 for adults; $17.95 […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintLet me paint a picture of how many of my mornings  looks when trying to get out of the house: Wake up Attempt to make breakfast that makes everyone happy Get my kids dressed which can take forever (I have two girls with their own sense of style) Brush their teeth (as well as […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintMornings are hard in our house. I am not a morning person, so having to be up and moving is somewhat of a challenge at times. There are mornings, though, that are going to start a lot faster than you want them to. CHRISTMAS! Kiddos are going to be flying down the stairs and […]

Carnation Breakfast Essentials® and Mexican Chocolate Pops

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintAre your ready to mornings in a whole new light? What about popsicles? Well if so, than I have got the recipe for you! Let’s be honest, we are all trying to be healthier but who doesn’t love a good popsicle? Well Carnation Breakfast Essentials® Complete Nutrition Drink has got you covered! They offer healthy […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint It’s that time of year for moms! Shopping, cooking, baking, shopping, cooking, baking and repeat. Seriously, we all have some sort of energy storage facility within because to do all that we do is phenomenal! But it is all worth it! Smiles on faces, hearing “yum” with every bite, it makes the crazy, […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrintSometimes you discover the best recipes completely on accident. Has that ever happened to you? A disaster that turned into something wonderful. Well, here’s my story, and for maximum effect I’ll need to start from the absolute beginning… when I woke up. We’ve all have those days where you step foot out of bed […]

Share this…FacebookTwitterPinterestGoogle+YummlyLinkedinemailPrint🎃 “When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!” I don’t know who gets the credit for that quote but I heard it once upon a time and it stuck with me.  I’ve been whispering it to my kiddos in an eerie voice trying to get them psyched up for […]