Strawberry Shortcake

Foodie Friday is back with a fun and delicious treat! This delight the family with a easy and cool snack. This is a huge family favorite for us, and one that can be put together in less than five minutes! I don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen for long periods of time. Also, […]

Treasure Island – Week 1

Life for Jim Hawkins is fixing to get exciting! One day a strange gentleman shows up at the inn that is run by the Hawkins family, and laying down some gold pieces, moves himself in. He makes a deal with Jim to keep his eyes open for a one legged pirate, and pays the boy […]

Witch of Blackbird Pond – Week 4

The rising tide of the unrest is building in the town. With the news that some of the men from the unit were taken prisoner, and John Holcomb being one of them, the mood in the town in somber. When fever breaks out, it leads the town to wanting to arrest Hannah Tupper as a […]

Little Women – Week 2

The four March sisters continue on their journey to find contentment in life around them. As they indulge in fanciful afternoons with Laurie, and the merriment of youth, they are reminded of those suffering about them.  While the idyllic life is bliss, the stark reality of the world is still around them. When they get […]