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Witch of Blackbird Pond – Week 4

The rising tide of the unrest is building in the town. With the news that some of the men from the unit were taken prisoner, and John Holcomb being one of them, the mood in the town in somber. When fever breaks out, it leads the town to wanting to arrest Hannah Tupper as a witch. With so many in the town falling ill, and some dying, they are convinced that it is the work of a witch. Kit knows that she cannot sit by and let them arrest Hannah, or worse, torture her. So she runs through the dark to Hannah’s cabin, and gets her out just in time. As they make their way through the dark woods, Kit begins to wonder where she can take Hannah where she will be safe. Just when she feels ready to give up hope, the Dolphin comes around the bend, and Kit knows that Nat will do anything to help Hannah. She swims out and hails the ship. Nat gets Hannah back on board, with promises to take her to his grandmothers house, and Kit is relieved to have helped save her friend.

But her own troubles are just beginning. The next morning, a group of men arrive at her Uncle’s home with the intent to arrest Kit as a witch. They all know that she is not, but they are determined to make an example out of someone. When some of Kit’s items were found in the burned rubble of Hannah’s home, it looks pretty bad for her. But she knows that she has to trust for the outcome, and the best. Sometimes though, redemption comes in the smallest of ways. Prudence, with the urging of Nat, comes forward to tell the court of the secret teachings that Kit has been giving her, and even proves to the court the learning that she has accomplished. With the Goodwife Cruff, screaming there is no way her dimwitted child could learn anything, Prudence stands before the court and reads the passages given to her, and is even able to write her name to the satisfaction of all present. With Mr. Cruff finally seeing the potential that his child has, he stands up to his wife for the first time, and assures Kit that the next time her school opens, Prudence will be in attendance.

Finally free of her accusers, life returns to normal, or the normal that Kit has becomes used to. She dreams of running back to Barbados and returning to the life that she has before. But she knows that is not realistic. When William finally asks again if she will marry him, she turns him down. She knows that she cannot, and that someone else, will do better for him. Before long, William and Judith are courting. A sudden miracle occurs when John suddenly reappears at the house. Before long, they are preparing for two weddings, and Kit is still trying to decide where she will fit. But there is still one surprise left for her..


This week we are reading Chapters 17-21


  1. Kit goes out of her way to save the life of her friend Hannah. How far would you go to help a friend?
  2. What do you think of Kit’s plan to run away from her Uncle’s home?
  3. What do you think of the last surprise in the book? How would you guess the book would have continued if there had been another chapter?