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Little Women – Week 4

Jo has returned home from her short stay in New York, and Teddy has made his feelings known to her. She does not return his feelings though. She goes to Mr. Laurence and explains the situation. While he is disappointed, he knows that she will not change her mind. He decides to take the young man overseas for a while, and let him brood a while. He hopes that the time will help to take his mind off of the pain that he feels in being rejected. While overseas, Teddy runs into Amy, and their friendship begins to blossom into something more. For a while all Teddy can think about is Jo, and the memories of her, but as time moves forward, his feelings for her begin to change, into what she wants, simple friendship. But as the feelings for Jo fade, feelings for her sister begin to grow. For the first time, he entertains the possibility of there being something more than just the little sister. Meanwhile at home, things are becoming clearer for one member of the family. As Beth begins to decline, Jo is at a loss as to how to help her. She proposing a trip to the seaside to help her regain her strength, but while they are gone, Beth confides in her that she will not get well, and makes Jo promise that she will do whatever she can to help their mother and father through the mourning period and after. When the end finally comes for Beth, it is brief, but sweet. She slips away with just the breath of a sigh, and leaves the remainder of the family to mourn her gentle spirit.

When Amy and Teddy return from abroad, they reveal that they have gotten married! They came home to surprise everyone, but Teddy wished to tell Jo on his own. He had to make sure that they were okay, and still able to remain friends. Jo at 25 is considered the spinster of the family, and as she considers the options open to her, she remembers her dear friend Professor Bhaer. As time passes, she thinks of him more and more, and then one evening, he shows up on their doorstep! As they spend more and more time together, Jo realizes that she is in love with the professor and when he reveals to her that he is leaving, she is heartbroken. As they both realize they feel the same way about each other, she agrees to wait for him, and make her own plans for the future. While they wait, Aunt March passes away and leaves Jo the home she lived in. Jo reveals to her family that she plans to open a boys home in it. She always wanted a bunch of boys, and this is one way that she can do it, while giving them an education at the same time.

Will it all come to pass as she hopes?

This week we are reading Chapters  35-47


  1. Beth calmly accepts her fate, but can the rest of the family do the same?
  2. Amy always had high hopes for the future, do you think she and Teddy will be happy together?
  3. Jo seems very taken with the German professor, but why do you think it took so long for them to both realize that they were meant for each other?
  4. Did you enjoy the read?